Monday, September 20, 2010

Blighted LP now available.

The Blighted LP has now become available for purchase via our Bigcartel webstore,, Six tracks with a total run time of 12:44, packaged in hand silkscreen sleeves with artwork done by Bram Kluze (Black Haven, Amen Ra). Pressing info: 330 black, 55 Yellow/White marble. We'll be working out the kinks with shipping details, so bare with us at the moment. For those of you who do plan on purchasing an LP and live either on the east coast or Europe, both the Deathwish E-store as well as Reflections (EU) will be stocking the item as early as next week. We are more than happy to ship internationally but due to fluctuating prices of freight costs, it would be best to handle the matter directly via

Within the E-store we have a shirt displaying the cover art from our LP, as well as a CD with the basic track listing/logo and finally, some patches showcasing a bit of artwork done by our vocalist Jake McCarty. For those of you who are not fans of vinyl or CD's, the LP is available in digital format on for five dollars, which can be found here:, All tracks can be streamed there as well.

Special thanks: Alex Estrada/The Earth Capital, Mathew Deckrow & family, Travis Turpin & family, Todd Jones, John G., Rudi Jung, Ryan San Martin, Bruce Harrison, Shay Mehrdad, Tre McCarthy/Deathwish, Johan Prenger/Reflections. Max Montez, Alex Guerena, Miles M. Jack Searle, Nader Abuzahrieh, Alec Singh, Rob Mcfeters, Dan Dolderer, Sean Patrick, Nails, Nameless Lights, Cathedrals, Children ov God, Break, Touche Amore.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Record news Pt. III

The records are in, we couldn't be more excited with the outcome. The covers will be coming back from the printer as of next week, along with a matching t-shirt, all of which will be available on our blog. Thanks.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Record news Pt. II

Test presses have been approved. More info soon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Record news.

Art work for the 12'' is reaching it's final stages and Erika records will be getting to work on the pressing within the week. More info soon, thanks!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two tracks posted.

We just posted two tracks from our recent recording. Currently we're awaiting artwork from the wondrous Bram Kluze of, keep an eye out, it'll be out in a short while.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Upcoming Shows

Past Shows

4/16/10 - The Pink Mailbox - 6668 Pasado Road - Isla Vista, CA - The Blasting Concept, Arctic Choke, Nameless Lights, Break

6/14/10 - The Che Cafe - 9500 Gilman Drive - San Diego, Ca - Lockstep, Arsonists Prayer, Children Of God, Blighted, Seizures

6/27/10 - Casa De La Raza - 601 East Montecito Street - Santa Barbara, CA - Fell To Low, Break, Agronaut, On Point, Blighted

7/21/10 - The Wolf Gallery - Whittier, CA - Paper Tigers, Cathedrals, Blighted, Nightcrawler

7/24/10 - Ojai Women's Center - 441 East Ojai Ave - Ojai, CA - Ceremony, Sabertooth Zombie

8/6/10 - Records Ad Naseum -1443 N. Highland Ave Hollywood CA 90028: AD, Nails, Nameless Lights, Blighted, Black Prism.

9/16/10 - Goleta - CA - Touche Amore, Failures, Mother Country Mother Fucker, LumberLung, Wet Reckless

9/17/10- Claremont - CA - Failures, Mother Country Mother Fucker, Dogs of Ire, The Shroud, Twin

10/08/10 - San Diego - CA - Che Cafe - 9500 Gilman Dr. Bldg 161 - Nails, Bumbklatt

10/09/10 - San Francisco - CA - Sub Mission - 2183 Mission St. - Nails, Deaf Heaven, Tigon, Man Among Wolves

11/29/10 - Santa Barbara - CA - The Biko - Run With The Hunted, Lumber Lung

12/27/10 - San Diego - CA - Che Cafe - Xibalba, The Love Below, Burn Your Life Down, Seizures

12/29/10 - Santa barbara - CA - The Pink Mail Box - Fell To Low, Dirt Worm, Burn Your Life

12/30/10 - San Francisco - CA - Five Points Art House - Secret People, Scared To Death, Stress Relief, Fell To Low

Things to Come

We are Blighted from Southern California. Alex Estrada recently finished recording our Demo/EP at Earth Capital Recordings, which should be pressed to vinyl in the next few months. Until then, one song has been posted at the Earth Capital Myspace. Another song or two should be posted (here) in the next couple of weeks.